Water Wise Business Program

Are you a Flagstaff business looking to save water, money, and the Flagstaff water supply? Our staff will assess your water use and provide you with FREE tools and equipment to make you a water wise business.

Call us at 928-213-2116 or email us at savewater@flagstaffaz.gov and one of our staff members will get you enrolled in the Water Wise Business Program pilot!
Lake Mary

Water Wise Circle

Upper Lake Mary Reservoir along with runoff from rain and snow fall provide surface water. Ground water comes from deep wells that tap into the aquifer below Flagstaff and the surrounding area.

Flagstaff uses between 7 and 13 million gallons of potable water each day.

For 2017-2019 the Flagstaff City Council set a goal to become a national leader in water conservation in all sectors.

This is an opportunity for industry, municipalities, homes, businesses, and schools to take a look at their water use to see if there are simple ways to use less for the good of the water supply and future generations.

What resources do you have to help me as a business learn about water conservation and share with my customers?

First, we can check your faucets and toilets to ensure that they are efficient. If not, we offer free aerators for faucets and a rebate program for installing a new, low-flow toilet. Once we have walked through our checklist with you, we will provide a water savings certificate, sticker, and window cling that you can use to let your customers know that you are doing your part to conserve water in Flagstaff.

My water bill is so low; why do I need to worry about conservation?

Throughout the Southwest, water conservation is an issue because we are surrounded by less water than much of the rest of the country. We seek to use our water resources responsibly because we have less to work with. We currently have supply for about 20 years if the population of Flagstaff remains roughly the same. After that, we will have look to other sources to augment our supply.

Are you interested in taking part? We would love to connect with you.

Call the Water Conservation Department at 928-213-2116 or email us at Savewater@flagstaffaz.gov to learn more!