Wellness Incentive Program Information

Wellness points must be entered by 5/15/2018 in order to receive your wellness incentive for next fiscal year. Points can be entered at https://www.mywellsite.com/napebt/ Full details about the NAPEBT wellness program can be found here.

Here is a video on how to enter your wellness points.

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All That We Share

All That We Share

In a world where we might have more in common than we realize, let us connect and work together.



Volunteering and giving back to the community is linked to greater levels of well-being and happiness. Studies have even shown more desire to continue performing nice acts after just one time! To read more about this, click here.


If you're inspired to connect to your community, check out these volunteer opportunities: 

You can earn wellness points for volunteering!

Flagstaff Family Food Center

Help prepare and hand out meals to those who need them most.


Community Stewards Program

Committed to keeping Flagstaff parks and trails litter free


Big Brothers Big Sisters

Empower a child to reach their goals and help shape their future.


The Literacy Center

Help adults teens and families improve their literacy skills for a better quality of personal, economic, and community life.


United Way of Northern Arizona

Make positive changes for people across northern Arizona to strengthen communities and families.


Shadows Foundation

Financial assistance for those with a life-threatening disease


Better Bucks

Purchase vouchers that can be redeemed for food and living essentials.


All For Good

Find tons of different volunteer opportunities, around Flagstaff or in any other location!





ClassesWellness Classes



Why We Fail to Change and 3 Simple Ways to Succeed Webinar

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM



Learn what commonly leads to failure when trying to make a change and how you can use simple techniques to succeed!



Stress Resilience Webinar

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Time: TBA



Join Vera Health Coach and be walked through different techniques on how to stay resilient to stress in a sometimes chaotic world.



Meet Me Downtown

Wednesdays each week at 5:15 PM 

Flagstaff Downtown Heritage Square


Meet Me Downtown brings adults and families to downtown Flagstaff for a weekly social walk/run, engaging individuals and businesses in a vibrant event that showcases downtown Flagstaff as a prime location for healthy activities.




StrengthsDiscover Your Strengths


Take this character strengths survey from the VIA Institute and discover how you can best use your own strengths in life.



RDNew Registered Dietitian



Abby Chan

is a board certified Registered Dietitian and Flagstaff local, born and raised. She has over a decade of coaching, yoga teaching, and nutrition experience, and combines these passions to help her clients 


build strength, resiliency, and optimal health.  


She feels nutrition is often not about what you know, but instead what you do consistently.


Food is more than fuel, it is also culture, family, 

a vital part of life.


She blends nutritional science with proven behavioral change strategies to help her clients develop lasting nutrition habits.


Abby received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Arizona State University.  She is the co-owner of Evolve Flagstaff, which offers nutrition counseling and physical therapy. She spends much of her free time mountain biking, running, skiing and practicing yoga. When she isn't outside, you may find her flying through the air, as she is one of the Directors of Dark Sky Aerial.


Keep your eyes and ears open for nutrition programming from Abby beginning in 2018!




NAIPTA is in the lead!


Do I need to sign up? No. Just complete the coaching session, wellness exam, and biometric screening. Be sure to enter your biometrics into the wellness portal. Get your exam if completed outside of Vera. Your coaching session will be uploaded to the wellness site for you! 


What if I don't get all three done, but one or two?

That will still count toward your agency's percentage of completion. The agency with the highest percentage in all three will get the prize. If two agencies tie more prizes will be given!


How can we tell if we are winning? We will be sending out regular updates on who has the highest percentage of completion for each category (exam, coaching, biometrics).


If I had my exam and biometrics completed in June or July will it still count? Yes! Any exams, coaching, or biometrics completed since May 16th 2017 until November 22nd will count toward your agency's percentage! Just make sure to enter your results on the wellness portal.




Gym Discount for NAPEBT Employees


An unlimited gym membership with group fitness classes for only $20/month!

Check out the group fitness class schedule here or visit www.nacainc.org.



WarriorsFeatured Wellness Leader


Meet, Mike Townsend, Deputy County Manager and the current chair of the NAPEBT Trust.  He has been awarded 2017 Wellness Leader of the year for Coconino County. Click here to learn about his journey.






Take this 5-question Stress Relief Quiz from Blue Cross Blue Shield and test your knowledge! 

Relieving stress can be simpler than you think.










 I am a new hire. Can I count doctor visits and screenings I did before my hire date for points?


Yes. Anything you did that we count towards wellness points can be entered. All points must be entered by May 15th to receive incentives.


More Questions? Click here to view the 2017-2018 info packet.









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