Watering Rules

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View the City of Flagstaff’s water conservation code 7-03-001-0014 here

We are currently in Water Availability Strategy I.

Water Conservation Strategy Levels

Surcharges for violations of Strategy I start at $25 and double with each violation. Strategy II fines start at $50 and Strategy III start at $100. These fines double with each violation.

Strategy Level I

Noncompliance could result in a $25 fee assessed to your water bill. This fee doubles with each repeat violation.
  • Odd-numbered addresses may irrigate Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Even-numbered addresses may irrigate Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Irrigation is restricted to incidental hand watering on Mondays.
  • No irrigation is allowed between 9 am and 5 pm.
  • Incidental hand watering is allowed daily except between 9 am and 5 pm.
  • Hand watering requires that the conveyance (hose, bucket, etc.) be in hand for the duration of a watering session; hoses running freely or sprinklers attached to hoses are not considered hand watering.
  • Vehicle washing is allowed; cut-off nozzle and bucket is encouraged to reduce unnecessary run-off into the street.

Strategy Level II

  • In addition to the restrictions in Level I, no irrigating is permitted.
  • Vehicle washing is allowed only for commercial car washes and for public health and safety.
  • Washing driveways, sidewalks, and tennis courts is not allowed.
  • No potable water can be used for filling ornamental fountains, artificial ponds, or streams.
  • Recreational swimming pools, spas, or wading pools holding more than 100 gallons cannot be filled.
  • Rates for water increase over 6,401 gallons.
  • Potable water standpipe rates increase to 130% of established rate. Standpipe use is limited to within 25-mile radius of City Hall.

Strategy Level III

  • No potable water use outside.

Special Permits & Provisions

Landscape establishment permits are available at the Water Services Administration Office in City Hall. They authorize daily irrigation for a maximum of 30 days to establish new landscapes. Irrigation hours still apply. There is a $10 fee, and we require proof of new landscaping. Accepted proofs include a purchase receipt or landscaper’s design plan.

Commercial provisions are available for businesses that require daily outdoor water use for the business to succeed, such as landscape nurseries. Requests for a commercial provision must be made in writing to the Water Services Director. Commercial provisions will not be approved for aesthetic landscaping.